Suki, Tokoro ni Yori Arashi

Cover Eager
School Life
21St Century
Appearance Different From Personality
Collection Of Stories
Height Difference
High School
High School Student
Manipulative Antagonist
Moving Away
Musical Instrument
Older Female Younger Male
Older Male Younger Female
Short Female Lead

1) Love in the Middle of a Storm
Watase Touko is a bit sad, since it's her last day before transferring. It isn't only that she's lonely about being separated from her friends, but also that she wants to spend time with her crush, the transfer student, Yoshi-kun. Both of them attended school that day without realising that it was closed due to a typhoon, so they walk around the school enjoying each other's company. She only wants to spend more time with him, but...?

2) Love's Sonnet
Arai Kanade has been recently bullied for her diminutive height; she just considers a recent trend and neither minds nor asks for help. While having trouble retrieving her bag, she's encouraged by some beautiful piano music and then checks the source. To her surprise, the tall, constantly bruised, and lion-like Honda is playing. Not that she was going to talk about it anyway, she agrees to keep it a secret, but that is not the end of their interactions.

3) Love x Kiss x Mark
High-school student Riko fell head-over heels with her physics teacher, Nishizaki-sensei upon seeing the crude man secretly smoke in school to despite the principal's recent crack-down on it. So she uses her ineptitude at physics to approach him.

4) When the Sky Is Green, You Are by My Side
Abe Sachi is an honest and tall girl who is the ace of the girl's basketball team. Although she seems happy, she sometimes can't help but cry about her very inconvenient height (173cm). One day, her elementary school classmate, the formerly very short Abe Takashi transfers back. They used to fight all the time and still do, but are things really the same?

5) Open Umbrellas on Sunny Days
While nearly falling asleep on the train home, a third-year high-schooler ends up being interested in a younger boy who was fast asleep while standing up yet awoke immediately to apologize for bumping into someone. Where will this go?